Montell Owens is a fullback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Although he is listed as the second FB for the Jaguars behind Greg Jones, he has played well on special teams since his signing as an undrafted rookie in 2006, and also has played well in his limited moments as starter.

Before the Jaguars Edit

Montell Owens was born on May 4, 1984 in Plainfield, New Jersey. He attended high school at Concord High in Wilmington, Delaware and rushed for 1,100 yards and 20 TD's during his football play there. He also lettered in baseball and track. He graduated in 2002.

Owens would go on to attend college at the University of Maine for four years and was an intergral part of the roster there. Owens would have his best year at Maine as a senior, rushing for 779 yards on 184 carries and 9 TD's.

With the Jaguars Edit

Owens signed with the Jaguars in the 2006 offseason as a rookie undrafted free agent. He saw limited playing time in 2006 on special teams and as a starter, and recorded eight special team tackles.

In 2007 Owens started all 16 games on special teams and registered 19 special teams tackles, fourth overall among the roster.

The 2008 Season would see Owens reach new heights as a special teams ace. He would rush for a 41 yard TD on September 28 against the Houston Texans, taking the direct snap on a fake punt formation and taking it all the way to the end zone. Against the Cincinati Bengals on November 2 he returned a forced fumble on special teams 18 yards for a TD. Later on after Week 13, he became the starting FB as Greg Jones was out with a season ending injury. During his playing time he proved to be a valuable asset to the run game and would score a 2 yard rushing TD against the Indianapolis Colts on December 18. He finished second in special teams tackles on the roster with 18 tackles.

On January 21, 2009 it was announced that Montell Owens signed a well deserved contract extension with the terms undisclosed. Src.

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